Friday, June 24, 2011

The Wizarding AGILITY World of Harry Potter

With the final installment of Harry Potter looming, I can't help but be a little swept up in all the excitement. 

It's going to be so epic! 

I've been addicted to the books, then the movies for at LEAST a decade.

Yes I realize it makes me a 27 year old Harry Potter nerd.  But I'm totally ok with that.

I'm invested, I can't deny it.

Like, really invested.

It's kind of on my brain. A lot. 

I try and focus on stuff. Work, dog sports, all that.

But it just keeps creeping in. 

So finally, I just let myself imagine...

What would it be like if they did agility in Harry Potter??

There'd be a heck of a lot less down time between classes and fewer back injuries because the courses could be charmed to set themselves! 
No more worrying about fowl weather conditions with all the spells to counter storms....
We'd have perfect records, every time, with the new Timer/Scribe system.  Enchanted objects never get distracted watching the dog instead of the judge!
And sure, the robes would be cumbersome, but if you find yourself too slow or out of place, then you just make yourself magically disappear and reappear in the place you needed to be. Brings new meaning to the words 'blind cross...'
 And finally, no more stressing out over missed running contacts- just learn the right incantation and your dog has the perfect stride every time! 
 Ah, magic. 

 If only. 

All I can say is that I really need to see that movie and SOON or agility is going to get VERY disappointing! 



  2. Fantastic Shenna!!!!! Moblius Contactus!! So what kind of dog would HP run?? I am getting so excited for the movie. Are you brave enough to go opening night?