Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Fun in Fotos (Love Poetic License!)

Yeah, I was a little late to work today.

But it wasn't my fault! The dogs were playing. Together. 

On Purpose and with Intention.

I mean, The Pup had to put in a solid 30 minutes of effort (bonking The Dog in the face with the toy, barking, etc) before she got The Dog interested in playing Crack Puppy (Object of Game: chase and run and bark, very fast, while running into things and causing havoc). I couldn't let all that hard work go to waste. 

Today's passenger/accomplice on the Crack Puppy rampage was... BLUE BALL! 

Ear to head ratio... Magnificent! 
Crack Puppy. Just about ready to detonate. 
The subsequent zoomies that erupted after that pose where amazing. 

Like furry brown, black and white pyrotechnics. 

We had some excellent tongue footage as a result. 

The Pup wins the excessive tongue contest.
Major case of Staffy Face!! 
Then she pulled the guilt-inducing "aw, do we HAFTA stop playin?" face.

Not Fair. 

Sad fact of life though, Pup, you want more balls, we need more money, therefore to work I go.

Stupid fact of life...
Tired doggies are pose-able doggies. 

...For two seconds. Then you get ADD Puppy having an "OOO SHINY!!" moment. 

Or maybe it's a Ceiling Ghost sighting...


Maybe I'm happy to be at work after all...

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  1. Oh NO! We have ceiling ghosts too :( Beware they cause endless hours of staring..haha

    Dyna you now have no excuse for not being able to hear with those radar ears ;)