Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why Weekends Off Are Bad for Your Health

Let it be written that I tried a weekend off, thinking after the last show that surely non-stop agility weekends could not possibly be healthy.

CLEARLY wrong.  There are FAR WORSE THINGS. 
I’m assuming at this point most everyone knows what I’m referring to.  If not, well, not sure you want the nightmares so maybe come back and visit another day.

My poor little bird. I keep thinking about it, and what could have been different: how it could have been worse, how could it have been better. These thoughts are unnecessary…torturous…dangerous. Sigh.  Can’t stop them from coming though.

We all remain shell-shocked.  I take the girls for a walk and wince at the site of other dogs with their owners.  Do these people, too, believe their dog is incapable of being a threat? How tight is their grip, how well staked is their line?  I see my once solid, confident, appropriate Dog try to hide from them in doorways.   I am so upset at the site of unattended dogs that I (the world’s most passive of passive aggressives) complain to property management and demand action.   I am so upset that even taking that step, I don’t think we will go for walks here anymore.

I’m sure she will be ok. Only a few weeks and I will have my girl back where in another reality maybe I wouldn’t.  I am buoyed by this. I am satisfied that the property management takes these things seriously and has already formed a plan. I am beyond thankful that my family was there in that moment and that my parents were champions for The Dog when my hands were otherwise occupied.  Grateful too that this meant my Pup is safe and whole.  But it doesn’t stop the heartbreak or the fear, can’t erase what is done and I don’t know what will.  Time makes things like this burn less brightly; fur grows back… but the marks will be there, just under the surface.  I can’t tell yet what this will mean for all of us.

But for now, looking forward, I will try to focus on being proactive and thankful and I am hoping that will move us through the shock and past those unnecessary thoughts.
Feelin' much better without the drain. Soooo.... ball? 
Mega holes. Ear on right. 
In case anyone would like a drain close-up.
Blackmail photo. 


  1. Oh Shenna.... Been here, done that. Eagle was attacked by a Chow while on a walk on the sidewalk. He never was the same in public again... The dog was declared a dangerous dog by Mpls. The vet bills were all ours, but thankfully (the vets don't yet know how), he lived, and loved in our house as much as he always did. His public career was over though.


  2. Thank you for posting this, Shenna. I read about it on your FB page because so many mutual friends had commented on your original post there. I've been hoping to see something here on how your pup is doing.

    So many things that can happen in the blink of an eye that change our perspective on everything...

    My very best wishes for a speedy recovery, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

  3. Also been there, done that many years ago. It takes time for those images to stop replaying in your head (and to stop thinking about the "what ifs"). So sorry that it happened to you guys. Glad to hear that she will recover. A few extra treat might help :-)

  4. oh ugh, made me cry again.
    But glad to see she's on the mend