Thursday, February 2, 2012

Commercial Break!

So, sometimes one can take a step away from goals and principals and stuff for a really good, deserving cause...

Free stuff.

We like free stuff. 
Mr. Chewy knows this. 
He offered us free stuff.

Yes, internet rules of safety say not to give your information out online and not to talk to strangers.

But... free stuff!

So THE Mr Chewy sent an email to The Project last week and said that, as we blog to their key audience, we could order from their site for free in exchange for an honest review.

He had me at free stuff, but kept me forever with the honest review part.

No need to worry about losing my integrity with my fans (all two of you!) like the kids on iCarly did when they were forced to endorsed an inferior product for money.

OK, I was worried about it, and also worried that Mr. Chewy was a super scary scam or smut site, so of course I Googled and PHEW it all seemed legit so we could get our free stuff. 

Mr. Chewy is an online pet store.  

Not smut store.

Not scam.

So far, so good!

And. Who doesn't love online shopping?

The Dog and Pup sure do.  And me because I can do it from my living room floor.

Clearly, Mr. Chewy selected us after finding us online by running search for 'lazy owners' plus 'dogs.' 

Because that's me and that's who this site is for.
Honest review time.

It's crazy easy to use.

They have everything you need to feed a dog. Or cat. And also some other stuff.

While they did NOT have my EXACT dog food, actually, they did have everything else that I could think to search for and then some.  And I'm sure they will get my food someday (it's a new type).

The Dog made her treat selections and The Pup picked out a bully stick (super good deal on the bully stick, normal pricing on the treats- food seemed a bit cheaper than the big brand stores). We had free shipping. WOO! Apparently we are not super cool, this just happens over $49.
Nom nom treats...

We ordered and The Pup was too excited and hit submit before we entered our special free code, so we had to contact customer service.  How embarrassing. BUT here is the best bit about Mr. Chewy.  He answers your sad Fail emails right away late on a Friday night and fixes your oops with a smiley face.

So began the race between Mr Chewy, Amazon Private Seller and Busted Tees to ship fun things to our home.

While Busted Tees won by a mile (I gloated mightily in my new funny t-shirt while the dogs looked on in hunger. I stopped when I realized The Pup would totally eat my shirt.), Mr. Chewy was right behind with a fast 4 day shipping.

Still waiting on Amazon...
Hm, did we not like anything? 

My only complaint would be the not so green packing.

Does a bully stick need its own box?

I guess!

Though, The Pup may have requested special packing. She does love her bully sticks...

 There is also a referral program which results in donations going to sad pets that need treats. 
If you go and buy things there because you are lazy and don't get your dogs food when you should because the store is far and the bag is heavy so your dogs eat leftovers like mine do sometimes...wait, what was I saying? Oh yeah! If you buy things there, enter this code:


Then you get 10% off and the sad pets get money through a charity.
We like that.

So, in sum: Mr. Chewy is a dog. 
With a website.
With 70+ brands of stuff.
Free shipping when you spend $49, which you will, since there are 70+ brands of stuff to pick from even when you are on your living room floor. 
Awesome customer service for quick-trigger orderers.
Priority packing for bully sticks.
Charity program so that you can feel good and cancel out feeling bad spending money online from your living room floor.  


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  1. They don't have my food either and it's not new.