Saturday, January 29, 2011

Get In A Row Already, Ducks!!!

I wish I could teach my border collie to herd my life up.  There is too much to do, too many balls in the air, ducks needing to get in line- TOO. MUCH.  But alas, the herding force is not strong with this one. 
(Though the Boyfriend swears she was herding him around the house last night. I think he had some forgotten peanut butter on his arm or something.)

I woke up with my head swimming this morning from all the to-dos requiring check marks. It was enough to make me go back to sleep. 

When I woke up again I decided baby steps were better than nothing. So, breakfast of champions: PROTEIN SHAKE!

Now, once fed, everything looks a bit more doable.  I've even determined that most of it can wait while I dive into season 2 of True Blood. (I feel secure in liking this now that I realized the books came out before the Twilight Series and it was not a part of the post Twilight vampire fiction outbreak, which is enough to make me barf my breakfast of champions a little bit.)

Depressingly, the one thing I wanted to do in the early part of the weekend (over shopping, cooking, working out, cleaning, laundry, excess WORK I had to take home, etc, etc, ET CETERA.) was do a little training with The Dog, but she is feeling a bit under the weather. She was sick last night, and is still less than her typical bright eyed and bushy tailed self. It is vastly more important that I have her whole and well on Monday than I get a bit of training in today. Rest up, tiny tot!

...Because our working spots are on Monday!!!! Really excited. I wish I would have been able to afford auditing today's Foundations session as well, but I have a secret spy gathering intel for me. Spies rock! And I hope all my fellow bloggers attending the seminar will be sure to post their thoughts and share notes too. I'm looking forward to getting everyone's perspectives almost as much as the information itself.

Heading out there tomorrow night though for the "Starting a Puppy" session. No reason for that. Just in case. You never know when you may suddenly find yourself with a puppy. It might even happen in a few weeks... finger's crossed tightly!


  1. I am getting ALL the info I can gather :-) my fingers are also crossed!!!