Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Aw man, I am either a "Stage Mom" or a "Crazy Dog Lady..."


So a few days ago I was enjoying the "Next Blog" feature and perusing some 'neighbor' blogs. I thought it was funny how many were about the 'Smith Family,' or 'Johnson Family,' or 'Moschkowitz Family...' etc.  Being me, I was making fun at the lameness of these blogs; I mean how boring can you get? Pages and pages of "Look, here's my kid- see the cute thing it did? Now here is another shot of it doing the exact same thing from a slightly different angle! Aw, look, now it is taking a poo!" (Did I just call a child "it?" Reason 1,001- at least- why I am unfit for parenthood, for anyone still wondering why I only have dogs...)

Then my friend said, "Isn't that what your blog is? Except instead of kids, it's just your dog?"

I opened my mouth, prepared to launch a full on defensive on how of COURSE it's not the same thing, MY blog has a point! I have a PIP (Performance Improvement Plan)- it is a PROJECT!! I am sharing my experience for the betterment of the agility community! This is giving me accountability in my training and helping me to be a better handler with clear goals!! Then I realized...

She was sort of right. Dang.

Time to embrace the truth. Sooo...

Look, here's my dog! See the cute thing she did?

 Here she is, doing the exact same thing from a slightly different angle!

Aw, look, now she's going to take a poo! 
A little privacy, please?

Yep, I am just as weird as those family bloggers, maybe even a little worse since my 'kid' is four legged and kind of furry, therefore less socially acceptable (though it depends on who you ask...). But at least we have each other, fellow dog-centric weirdos. YOU know I have a point, etc.

Maybe next time I will actually talk about training though. I'm not a complete Crazy Dog Stage Mom. Yet.

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